The Community Water Fluoridation Program focuses on community fluoridation and school-based programs where community fluoridation is not available.

Georgia Rural Water Association

Non-profit organization representing rural water systems throughout the State of Georgia in regard to drinking water and wastewater needs.


The Georgia dental sealant program is a school-based program designed to provide eligible students with dental sealants on their first and second permanent molars to prevent tooth decay.

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of GA

Oral Health Working Group

This group meets quarterly with the goal of increasing access to adequate oral healthcare for pregnant women covered by Medicaid in Georgia. Our priorities are focused on patient education, perinatal provider education, and administrative barriers. If you are interested in attending or learning more about this group, contact Amber Mack at amber.mack@hmhbga.org.

Georgia Tobacco Quit Line

The Georgia Tobacco Quit Line is a free, confidential and effective public health service to help Georgians quit smoking and using any other smokeless tobacco products. (i.e., dip or snuff)